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Lea Thompson climbs into bed with a dwarf-sized duck. The attempt to romantic-it-up by using silhouettes behind a curtain doesn’t work. Also, it’s a kid’s movie.
That girl from Saved By The Bell and Kyle McLachlan have the sort of sex that only exists in Paul Verhoeven’s Dutch mind.
Versatile thespian Jason Statham needs to keep his adrenaline up or a poison in his body will kill him, so he shags his girlfriend, by force.
Any sex scene involving slack-jawed Stallone may be ridiculous, but this being the future, he has intercourse with Sandra Bullock simply by putting on a special hat.
What if you found out your sperm looked and sounded like Woody Allen? This is the least erotic sex scene in movie history.
So you’re right in the middle of lovemaking and a team of highly armed mercenaries burst through the door. Do you stop and run for your life? Not if you’re Clive Owen.
In the middle of a zombie apocalypse, and after narrowly avoiding being raped by Quentin Tarantino, one-legged Rose McGowan chooses her moment to get it on.
Leslie Nielsen shows just how cautious he is by wearing a condom that covers his entire body from head to foot.
Ridiculous Sex SceneMovieMore Information
The notion of James Bond in space is so ludicrous, why not have him have sex while the ship is passing back through earth’s atmosphere?
Two puppets go at it in wild abandon to a song that sounds suspiciously like Aerosmith’s “I Don’t Want To Miss A Thing” (the love theme of Michael Bay’s Armageddon.)
*User Suggestion* This is not the family film starring Michael Keaton. Rather this film stars Shannon Elizabeth being abused in the bath tub by a deranged killer snow man.
*User Suggestion* An almost nonexistent sex scene, with two characters who eat corn on the cob out of each others mouth and popcorn starts popping (by 'magic'.)
*User Suggestion* Two soilders (Rachel Weiz and Jude Law) in WWII fall in love, what a beautiful story, right? To find love in a time of such sadness?
*User Suggestion* This movie is notoriously known for it's sex-crazed antics. The entire flick is basically Jane Fonda, having sex, imitating sex, or being sexed to death.
*User Suggestion* In a movie where everything is over the top, the random romp between Malin Akerman and 'Night Owl' is farther out than anything else.

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