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Can you name the information about Remus Lupin?

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Portrayed by 
Full Name 
Hogwarts House 
Transforms into 
Nickname from Potterwatch 
Boggart Form 
Previous Occupation
One of the creators of  
Was given this title
in his fifth year at Hogwarts
His three best friends
at Hogwarts
Married this metamorphmagus,
Order member, and friend
His Mother-in-Law, sister of Bellatrix and Narcissa 
His Father-in-Law, who was killed during the
Second Wizarding War
Became a father and named his son this 
Asked this person to be his child's Godfather 
This Order member was almost killed
trying to find out Remus' furry secret
James, Sirius, Remus, and this person
were all summoned by the Resurrection Stone
Remus was part of the Advance Guard that transported Harry from Privet Drive to 
A highly accomplished duelist, Remus was the only Order member, besides this man, that made it through the Battle of the Department of Mysteries unscathed 
During the Battle of Hogwarts, Remus lead a group of fighters outside along with Kingsley Shacklebolt and this Order member 
Was able to hold onto this injured Order member and fly to safety during the Battle over Little Whinging 
During the Battle of Hogwarts, Remus was last seen dueling this Death Eater before he died 
This Voldemort supporter was the werewolf who attacked Remus as a child 
As a Professor, Remus had his third year students wade across a pool containing this magical creature  
Once a month, in 1971-1978, Remus was brought to this building to transform 
Remus' three best friends at Hogwarts were animagi; one of the animals that his friends could transform into was 
Severus Snape tried to save
Remus' life by aiming this curse
at the hand of another Death Eater
When Remus was a professor, this person was the first student to figure out his secret 
Albus Dumbledore's last spoken words to Remus and this man were:
'Harry is the best hope we have. Trust him.'

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