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Rubeus, Molly, Tom M. Riddle, and Sirius.
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Portrayed by 
Occupation (1992-1993) 
Favorite color 
Was awarded this honor (third class) 
Was an honorary member of this league 
Five time winner of this award 
The walls of his office at Hogwarts were filled with portraits of this man 
Proficient at these charms, as he used them to become famous 
Once removed all the bones from this boy's arm 
This professor was able to easily disarm Gilderoy, a truly poor duelist 
Transmogrifian Torture is what Lockhart thought had been used on this petrified victim 
Was unable to deal with these magical creatures after setting them lose on his second year class 
Break with a _______ 
Gadding with _______ 
Holidays with _______ 
Marauding with ______ 
Travels with _______ 
Voyages with ______ 
Wanderings with _______ 
Year with the ______ 
Guide to _______ _____ 
Magical ____ 
His secret ambition was to market his own line of 
On Valentine's Day he wore this color of robes 
Had these creatures wear golden wings while delivering Valentines to students and staff 
This witch was one of the 46 student who sent Valentines to Gilderoy Lockhart 
Attempted to perform a memory charm on Harry Potter with this wizard's broken wand 
Claimed to have played this position on the Ravenclaw Quidditch Team 
His permanent residence is at this establishment 

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