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Portrayed by 
Hogwarts House 
Quidditch Position 
Held this title in his fifth, sixth, and seventh
year at Hogwarts
Was a member of this squad in his fifth year
headed by Dolores Umbridge
Brief Master of this Hallow 
Girlfriend at Hogwarts 
Best Friends at Hogwarts 
Eventual Wife 
Maternal Aunt
(Member of the Death Eaters)
Maternal Aunt
(Ally of the Order)
Paternal Grandfather 
Family's Blood Status 
Draco mastered this art of closing his mind to others 
At a young age, Draco mastered this unforgivable curse, which he used on Madame Rosmerta for the better part of a year 
Conjured this animal from thin air during his second year while participating in the Dueling Club 
Was forced to use this unforgivable curse against Thorfinn Rowle 
At the age of sixteen was inducted
into this organization
Voldemort gave Draco the mission to kill this powerful wizard, not caring that Draco could possibly be killed in the process 
Draco, an accomplished duelist and extremely perceptive, caught Harry Potter eavesdropping on his conversation aboard the Hogwarts Express and quickly used this curse to immobilze him 
During his attempt to complete the mission given to him by Voldemort, Draco almost murdered these two Hogwarts students 
Was transfigured into this animal by
Madeye Moody (Barty Crouch Jr.)
This Gryffindor hit Draco in the face
during his third year at Hogwarts
Made up the words to this demeaning song
in his fifth year at Hogwarts
Was hit with this hex by Ginny Weasley while performing duties for Dolores Umbridge 
In his third year, Draco provoked and was
injured by this magical animal
Draco, along with his friends, impersonated this magical being to unnerve Harry Potter during a Quidditch match 
In his second year, Draco uttered
this insult against Hermione Granger
Was flown to safety by this Hogwarts student during the destruction of the Room of Requirement 
Was punched in the face by Ron Weasley,
who called him this, after saving
his life for the second time that night

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