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Portrayed by 
Middle Names 
Pet Phoenix 
Patronus Form 
Favorite Flavour of Jam 
Shape of scar on left knee 
Birth Place 
Last Words 
Resting Place 
Father's Name 
Mother's Name 
Brother's Name 
Sister's Name 
Resting Place of Albus' Mother and Sister 
Place where Albus' Father died 
The hobby that Albus' Brother enjoyed 
Historian and Family Friend 
Albus' Brother's Eventual Profession 
The color of each Dumbledore child's eyes 
Defeated this Dark Wizard and Previous Friend in 1945 
Discovered twelve uses for this magical substance 
Was known for his alchemical work with this person 
Held these two positions for the Order of the Phoenix 
Created this object which he bequeathed to Ronald Weasley 
Destroyed this horcrux with the Sword of Gryffindor 
Was the first person to obtain, not unite, all three of these magical artifacts 
Holds this accomplishment, (first class), for Grand Sorcery 
Held the position of the Cheif Warlock of this Ministry Organization 
Used the statues of this monument to protect Harry and himself from Voldemort in the Ministry of Magic 
This is his answer to everything, according to Voldemort 
Would not allow Tom Riddle to teach this subject and has since been unable to fill it for more than a year 
Was a Professor of this class after his graduation from Hogwarts 
Held this position at Hogwarts until his death in 1997 
Appeared on Harry's first ever collectible that comes with these wizarding sweets  
Bequeathed this object to Harry Potter hidden inside a snitch 
Bequeathed his own copy of this book to Hermione Granger 
As a student, held these two titles in his 5th and 7th year, respectively 
According to Phineas Nigellus (Kingsley Shacklebolt, in the movie), Dumbledore's got this 
In Harry's first year at Hogwarts, Albus' idea of a few short words were 

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