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Portrayed by 
Hogwarts House 
Number of Sons 
Number of Daughters 
Boggart Form 
Blood Status 
Member of this Organization 
Name of Family's Home 
Family Pet Owl 
This wizard had many surrogate fathers, but she was his only surrogate mother 
Her youngest child, who fought in the Battle of Hogwarts despite being underage 
This son was seen least out of all the Weasleys as he generally lived in Romania 
These two sons were Gryffindor Prefects and Hogwarts Head Boys 
These three sons did not finish
their education at Hogwarts
These two witches became her daughters-in-law (book knowledge only) 
In year one, Molly helped Harry
onto this magical platform
In year two, Molly sent this magical
correspondence to her son, Ron
In year three, Molly fought with her
husband over whether or not to tell Harry
about this 'murderous madman'
In year four, Molly and her son Bill
came as Harry's family to watch him perform
in the third task of this tournament
In year five, Molly was infuriated by
her husband's use of this 'Muggle remedy'
on his wounds caused by Nagini
In year six, Molly's son, Bill, was attacked by this werewolf during the Battle of the Astronomy Tower 
In year seven, Molly fought in the Battle of Hogwarts, where she dueled and killed this death eater  
She liked her husband to call her this when they were alone together 
Although she was unable to regrow his ear, she was able to heal her son, George's wound, even though it had been subjected to this curse  
Was enamored with this handsome
but incompetent wizard
During her time at Hogwarts she received quite a telling off from this magical portrait's occupant after being out past four in the morning 
Once sent a letter to the Dursley's
by Muggle post and completely covered
the envelope in these objects
After Percy had disowned his family in favor of the Ministry, Molly characteristically sent him one of these for Christmas, which he promptly sent back, without a note 

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