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Chandler - Finish the Quote:
...And 'Hornswaggle'? What are you, dating a character from _________? 
Gum would be perfection? Not great or good, no...for me gum is perfection. I ______ _______. 
So, In the words of J.J. Milne; 'Get out of my chair, ______! 
Hey. Stop staring at my wife's legs... No.. no, Stop staring at your ________ ___. 
Look at all the space on her side! You could fit a giant _________ over there! That'd be weird, though. 
Holy Double-Vented Comfort, _______! 
Yes. On a scale from one to ten, ten being the dumbest that a person can look, you are definitely ________. 
I'm sorry, I just don't like the idea of when I'm saying 'I do'; he's thinking 'Yeah, ___ __ ___, ___! 
Life is my ________ _________. 
We share a wall! So either he’s great in bed, or she just likes to ______ ____ ___ _ ___. 
Monica - Finish the Quote:
Yes, but my lie didn't make one of us a _____ __ ___ _____! 
Woah, where are you going in those pants, ____? 
'Throbbing Pens?' You don't want to be around when he starts _______ ____ _____. 
This has been like my dream, ever since I got my first easy bake oven and opened '____ ______ ______.' 
I can't believe my dad saw us having sex! I mean he didn't make it to any of my ______ _______, but this he sees. 
(In response to the Doctor informing Monica and Chandler of the coming of their second baby.) I'm sorry... who will be along in a _____ ___!? 
You can't fire me. I make your decisions and I say that ___ ___ ____, __! 
I'm dating a guy whose ____ _ ____ ____ __. 
Is this too cute? Lesbian wedding; ______ ______. 
What? It's not like I'm going to put ______ __ ____! 
Joey - Finish the Quote:
Look at this clown. Just because he's got a bigger boat he thinks he can take up the whole river. Get out of the way Jackass! Who names their boat _____ ______ anyway? 
Fine. No one ever listens to me. If the package is this pretty, __ ___ ____ ____ _____. 
You fell asleep. There was no ________. They didn't take any of my suggestions. 
Okay... sex. No, food. No, uh... I want both! I want ____ __ _____! 
(Joey is talking to Ross about a pregnant Rachel dating someone Joey works with.) They go out on one date and you worry about her marrying him? ___ ___ ___. 
Come on, just give me another chance, alright? I can do a Southern accent; (In a Jamaican accent) __ ____ ___ ___ ____, ___! 
Joey: Age? Cliff: Can't you figure that out by my birthday? Joey: I'm a Doctor, Cliff, not a _________. 
Monica: There's an ad for a naked chef? Joey: No, but if you are willing to cook naked, then you might be willing to _____ ____, then.... (rubs his fingers together, insinuating she would make alot of money.) 
(While holding an electric drill that he just used to drill into Chandler's wall, barely missing his head.) Oh, Sorry, did I ___ ___? 
So let me get this straight. He got you to beg to sleep with him. He got you to say he never has to call you again. And he got you thinking this is a great idea? ____ ___ __ __ ___!  
Phoebe - Finish the Quote:
(Imitating Monica and Phoebe's annoying fake British Friend) 'I've slept with Billy Joel.' Like, ___ ____? 
Hey, Why isn't it ___________? You know, like Goldman or Silverman? 
Pheobe. That's, P, as in Phoebe, H, as in heobe, O as in oebe, E, as in ebe, B, as in bebe, and E as in... _____ ____ ____. 
(After being asked if she'd like to see a movie...) No thanks, I've ______ ____ ___. 
(After being asked if she's ever asked out a guy) Thousands of times! Huh, that doesn't _____ __ ____ ___ ____, does it? 
(Ross tells Phoebe to stop cleansing his Aura) Fine! Be ______. 
(Ross asks Phoebe if she wants to hear something weird.) Phoebe: ________. 
(While performing a ritual to rid the girls of 'bad boyfriend karma') Now all we need is the ____ __ _ _______ ___. 
(After settling a fight between Monica and Rachel by grabbing their ears) Hey if we were in prison, you guys would be like __ _____. 
(Joey is trying to cheer Phoebe up after David leaves again by telling her she can always visit him.) Oh, right, like they're going to let __ ____ _ ______. 
Ross - Finish the Quote:
You know, we should probably ask the doctor if she even knows how to deliver a baby that's half human, half _____ _____! 
(After hearing how many centimeters Rachel is dilated) ____?! I'm dilated _____! 
(Chandler is making chocolate milk and asks Ross if he wants some.) No thanks, I'm ____. 
(Rachel asks Ross if he can take care of newly born Emma for the day.) Sure, just give me your ______ and we'll be on our way. 
(Mike asks Ross if he's going to try to get him to join a cult, Ross says no, and Mike thinks Ross just 'has that look about him') Ross: Damn _______! 
(After being asked if he would give up sex or dinosaurs) My God, It's like _______ _____! 
You know what? I'd better pass on the game. I'm just gonna go home and think about my ex-wife ___ ___ ______ _____.  
(Ross is trying to cheer up Chandler who won't get out of his sweatpants.) Come on man, just take them off. Just take them off and we'll ____ ____ ___. 
(After Rachel suggests the name Sandrine for their baby) Yeah, that's a great name... for an _______ _______. 
(Ben just called Chandler 'Daddy' when the gang is watching him ride his new bike.) No, remember Ben? ____ ______ and ____ _____. 
Rachel - Finish the Quote:
(Speaking to Ross) How do you expect me grow if you won't let me ____? 
Yes, I was 4 years-old and I was on the swing and then all of a sudden my hair got tangled in the chain. And to get me out my mom had to - had to cut a big chunk of my hair... and it was ____ __ ____! 
(Ross asks Rachel if she got a job) Are you kidding? I'm trained for nothing! I was laughed out of ______ interviews today. 
(Ross tells Rachel he thinks they should get married.) Why? Because that's your _____ __ ______? 
(After Ross has helped Rachel put on her make-up, he asks if it's good enough for her work event. She looks in the mirror and sees he's really overdone pretty much everything.) Sure... sure, I'll just sit next to the _________ ___ ________. 
(Rachel is babysitting Ben and offers him a virgin margarita, which in turn makes him ask what a virgin is.) _____ __ __, then. 
Monica: How cute is the on-call doctor? Rachel: So cute I'm thinking about jamming this ___ __ __ ___. 
(Rachel is annoyed that Ross has taken off to Vermont with Emily. Monica reminded her that she and Barry had taken a trip to Vail when they first met.) Rachel: For once, could you just not ________ _____ ____ _____? 
(Chandler asks if you can see his nipples through his shirt) No, but don't worry, I'm sure ___ ___ ____ _____. 
Rachel: You don't want to try things too fast. You know what happened to the girl who tried things too fast? Jill: No, What? Rachel: ____ ____, Jill. 

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