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Rubeus, Molly, and Tom M. Riddle.
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Portrayed by 
Hogwarts House 
Animagus Tranformation 
'Pet' (1994-1996) 
Maurader's Nickname 
Framed as the one who led Voldemort
to this Wizarding family
Framed for the death of this man
as well as 12 Muggles
Was subsequently sentenced to life in this prison 
Murdered by 
This man and his parents were more like family to him than his actual blood relatives 
Was named Godfather to this boy as he had a very close relationship with the boy's parents 
His father, Orion, and his mother, Walburga, were of this blood status 
His parents were in Slytherin House while at Hogwarts, as was this brother 
At a young age, his brother joined this organization 
His Great Great Grandfather, the last Slytherin Headmaster appointed, until Severus Snape 
Sirius has three first cousins, name one 
Was a member of this organization during the first and second Wizarding Wars 
Was described as a powerful wizard by this Hogwarts Professor 
Was extremely adept at transfiguration, as he is one out of five known witches and wizards who are considered this  
At a young age both Sirius and James were able to easily defeat (and subsequently humiliate) this fellow Hogwarts student 
Was the original owner of this magical mode of transportation that Harry once dreamed about 
During the Battle of the Department of Mysteries, Sirius, with help from Harry, defeated this Death Eater 
Was also proficient in healing spells,
as he healed himself immediately from
the effects of this substance
After transfiguring himself, he was able to fight off this ferocious creature from attacking Harry, Ron, Hermione, and Severus Snape 
Was used as 'imaginary bait' by this man, to make Harry believe that he must go to the Ministry to save Sirius 
After realizing that Harry had fallen into a trap at the Ministry, Sirius disobeyed orders to stay hidden at this residence 
The Quibbler once published a story claiming that Sirius Black was actually this man, the lead singer of the Hobgoblins 
Sirius, James, Peter, and this wizard were the four creators of the Maurader's Map 
Once gave a tiny owl, later named Pigwidgeon,
to this wizard
Had a sometimes tumultuous relationship with this witch, especially when it came to raising Harry 
This witch, along with Harry and Ron, brought Sirius food while he was hiding in the caves around Hogsmeade 
During the Christmas of 1995, Sirius could be heard singing this wizarding Christmas tune at the top of his lungs 

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