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Can you name the main characters of How I Met Your Mother from the hints given?

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Routinely watches Predator on Valentine's Day
Thought the North Pole was a fictitious place, like Hogwarts or Narnia
Used to live with five dogs
Dated his/her own psychiatrist
Punched Barney in the crotch
Uses a lot of outdated catchphrases
Routinely lies and runs plays on women to get them into bed
Had a short-lived relationship with a body pillow
Lived with Barney for a short period of time
Has lived with Marshall, Lily, and Ted
Stabbed Lily with a sword
Had the nickname of 'Chewbacca'
Has a tendency to cry during wedding toasts
'Good Feeling' by the Violent Femmes is their song
Can be distracted by bringing up the topic of Emperor Penguins
Has a 'knowledge gap' regarding the pronunciation of several words, including chameleon
Has repeatedly slapped Barney in the face
Was beat up by a (girl) goat
The intervention performed for this character was for using too many fire magic tricks
Shaved part of his/her own head
Was arrested for public urination
Once dated a guy called 'Scooby'
These three characters have kissed Robin
Is a Canadian and an American citizen
Once dated someone nicknamed 'Scooter'
Had a relationship with a woman who hated Star Wars
Says literally when they actually mean figuratively
Broke the 'Bro Code' by sleeping with Robin
The intervention performed for this character was for a creepy British accent
These characters have Canadian blood
Constantly corrects people
For many years he/she dressed as a hanging chad for Halloween
Marries a woman who paints pictures of robots playing sports
Marries a woman with Ted as his best man
Had a 'perfect week'
May have, or may not have, (but probably did) win the 'Championship Belt'
Ran the New York City Marathon
These two have licked the Liberty Bell
Has a bad habit of singing everything that he does
Both of these characters have kissed Lily
Had the nickname, 'Swarley'
Ripped a 'window-crank' off of the inside of a taxi cab's door
Was a teenage Canadian pop sensation
Once gave his/her name as 'Galactic President Superstar McAwesomeville'
Dresses only in suits, except very rare and specific occassions
Creator of
Was left at the alter
A 'play' to get out of a relationship has been named after him
Married the same woman three times
The intervention that was performed for this character was regarding the continued use of spray tans

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