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HintActor/ActressCharacter's Name
Chandler broke up with me multiple times. He wanted me to try and make my marriage work.
Losing Monica was the worst mistake of my life. I was still in love with her long after our break-up.
Ross and I got a divorce because I couldn't trust him.
Ross broke up with me because I wasn't Rachel.
Ross and I didn't work out because, as it turns out, I'm a lesbian.
I broke up with Rachel because she was moving too fast... and the wedding dress thing was pretty freaky.
Phoebe and I broke up because I didn't want to get married. I realized I still loved her later.
Phoebe and I fizzled out over a period of about 10 years. I really shouldn't have gone to Minsk.
Raquel and me... no more. Phoebe has nice... how do you say... butt?
Monica and I decided to just be friends, I thought she had a drinking problem.
Ross wasn't very attentive to me during our relationship, and he kept keeping things from me. He wouldn't even let me keep his pink shirt.
Monica couldn't stand to watch me get hurt. I just wanted to be the Ultimate Fighting Champion.
Ross thought I was too immature for him. He sucks.
Rachel broke it off with me because we were in different places. The age difference was a big thing.
Joey and I didn't work out because we had nothing in common.
Rachel stopped seeing me because I reminded her of someone. Her friends said it was Bob Saget.
Chandler and I didn't work out because he thought I slept with someone else and didn't call me, so then I did sleep with someone else.
Ross and I didn't work out because I was still in love with my ex.
Rachel was a little freaked out by my sister and I. But, we're just really close, honestly!
Rachel wanted me to open up to her... and then when I told her about chicken boy, I just couldn't stop crying.
Joey and I didn't work out because I fell for someone else.
Joey and I couldn't be together because I couldn't stand Monica and Chandler.
HintActor/ActressCharacter's Name
I reminded Monica of my father. It was emotionally scarring.
Rachel and I didn't work because she didn't love me... but I told everyone it was because she had syphilis.
Phoebe and I didn't work out, I shot a bird.
Ross and I didn't really date... just had a one night stand, that probably ended up being the worst mistake he ever made. Eh, I got a watch out of the whole fiasco.
Rachel and I didn't work because she wasn't over Ross.
Phoebe couldn't stand to be around me, I guess I just had a much too positive outlook on life.
Joey threw my prosthetic leg in the fire, and then ran away.
I didn't really date Chandler, I just pretended to be into him to get him naked in public.
I left Joey because I got a part on General Hospital in L.A.
I couldn't get over Chandler's... 'nubbin.'
Monica broke up with me because I lied about my age, and it was 'icky.'
Ross broke up with me because he was still in love with Rachel. He was nice enough, however, to call me a taxi.
Ross and I didn't work out because he couldn't stand to be in my apartment.
Joey and Ross lost me at gonorrhea.
Joey and I didn't work out because I'm pretty much a flake.
I broke up with Joey because I'm kinda of a loner.
I really liked Joey, I'm not sure what went wrong, all the sudden his friend Rachel just kicked me and he didn't do a thing about it! I had to leave after that.
Phoebe and I didn't keep seeing eachother because she thought I was creepy, and apparently they all just really hated me.
Chandler didn't want to share me... with three other men.
Phoebe and I didn't work because I was still obsessed with Ursula.
Phoebe stopped seeing me because I kept falling out of my shorts.

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