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Can you name the F.R.I.E.N.D.S Phoebe?

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What is Phoebe's last name?
Who was Phoebe's first husband?
Who is Phoebe's husband?
Phoebe and Mike have babies, what kind of babies did they have?
What is Phoebe's Birth Mother's name?
What was Phoebe's Adoptive Mother's name?
What is Phoebe's Father's name?
Phoebe has a half brother, what is his name?
Her sister-in-law's name is?
Phoebe has a twin sister, her name is?
Phoebe works as?
What instrument does Phoebe play?
Phoebe has a song that gets turned into a music video, what's the name of the song?
Smelly Cat is also used for a commercial, what is the ad for?
Phoebe has nieces and nephews, how many?
What is one of their names?
Before Phoebe and her current husband got married, they broke up earlier in the relationship. Why?
They break up while Chandler, Monica, and Joey are holding a what?
Phoebe has a roommate no one knew she had, her name was?
Phoebe has about a ten year long relationship off and on with this scientist.
Rachel thinks Phoebe looks like _______ crossed with ________ when she runs.
Why did Phoebe and her ex-husband get divorced?
Phoebe finds what in a soda can?
Name one of Phoebe's nicknames/aliases
What was Phoebe's grandmothers name?
Who did Phoebe think was her grandfather?
How many of the friends has Phoebe lived with?
How many of the friends has Phoebe kissed?
Phoebe almost had sex with this friend.
Phoebe hates this furniture store.
Phoebe thinks her adoptive mother's spirit is in this animal for an episode.
The animal Phoebe thought was her adoptive mother's spirit was actually a little girls pet. What was his name?
Phoebe runs over this animal the second time she tries to see her father.
Her father loved _______, according to Frank Jr.
What does Phoebe dress up as for halloween?
Phoebe got hepatitis because?
Phoebe mugged one of the friends when they were teenagers. Who was it?
Phoebe walks down the aisle to this song.
Phoebe thinks the most romantic love song is?
Phoebe and Chandler sing this song together after Janice leaves Chandler and goes back to her husband.

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