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Former slave to this family 
Worked at this magical establishment 
Lived with this wizard after the death
of Albus Dumbledore
Loyal to this wizard after being set free by his sock 
His murderer 
His last words 
His final resting place 
The inscription on his headstone 
Was able to perform all of his magic
without one of these
Performed this charm on a bowl of pudding 
Closed the magical passageway to Platform 9 and 3/4 so Ron and Harry would miss this 
Magically tampered with this object, which resulted in the loss of all the bones in one of Harry's arms 
When wizards could not, he could disapparate out of this room of Malfoy Manor 
Wordlessly threw this wizard from Harry Potter, causing him to fall down a flight of stairs 
This wizard gave him maroon socks
and a sweater for Christmas
Asked this witch to leave him out of S.P.E.W. 
Took care of this habitually
drunken friend and co-worker
Attacked this creature for insulting Harry Potter 
Negotiated his wage from 10 galleons down to 1 from this employer 
This witch was the first to speak at his funeral; she thanked him for saving her life 
Professor Dumbledore told him that he could
call him this, if he wanted
Loved these articles of clothing the most 
Suggested this magical room for the
headquarters of the D.A.
Stole this magical plant from Professor Snape's office so Harry could survive under water for an hour 
Was the only worker of Hogwarts that would clean this tower in the 5th book 
Used this word in reference to Harry Potter's best friend, Ron Weasley 

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