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InfoCrypto System
Key is as long as the plaintext, Perfect Secrecy holds
Public-key encryption and signature scheme
Variable key size, Uses a key scheduling algorithm and a keystream generator
Guessing the key length is key to breaking the system
Blocksize 128 bits, Variable keysize and number of rounds, 4 operations per round
160 bit hash function, known collision attack takes 2^63 steps
2^88 possible keys, Totally insecure
128 bit blocksize, 16 round fiestel ladder, 2048 bit keysize
Uses opad and ipad, r-bit strings repeated r/8 times
InfoCrypto System
Semantically insecure mode of operation
Semantically secure mode of operation
64 bit blocksize, 16 round fiestel ladder, 56 bit keysize
128 bit hash function, collisons found in 2^39 steps, preimages found in 2^123.4 steps
128 bit session keys, 48 bit IV
Keysize 40 or 104 bits, per packet 24 bit IV, 32-bit checksum
MAC widely used in banking, secure if fixed length inputs and encryption scheme is 'ideal'
Exhaustive key search takes 2^112 operations, broken by meet-in-the-middle attack
First public-key crypto system

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