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Can you name the following facts to these questions about Styx and the Rolling Stones?

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Their 1972 debut album was reissued with new artwork and a slight name change in 1980. 
This 1979 song was the first and only #1 single. 
That single appeared on this 9th studio album. 
These twins founded the band in 1961, originally under the name 'The Tradewinds'. 
This was the fourth consecutive album to be certified triple platinum and the only to hit #1. 
This song popularized the much quoted phrase, 'Domo Arigato'. 
In South Park, whenever Cartman hears the first part of this 1978 song, he is compelled to sing the rest of it. 
Glen Burtnik replaced this guitarist on the 1990 album 'Edge of the Century'. 
The band's name comes from this famous feature of Greek Mythology. 
The band was founded in this city. 
This man is the only band member to appear on every single Styx release. 
This 1991 song was Styx's fourth and final Top 5 single to date, written by DeYoung for his son. 
This album's cover art is an homage to 'Carte Blanche' by surrealist painter, Rene Magritte. 
Since 2001, this song has been used as a theme song for the Pittsburgh Steelers defense. 
In 1998 this band member revealed that he was gay and battling HIV. 
This 1971 release began a string of 8 consecutive studio albums to reach #1. 
In 1985, this man released his first solo album. 
This 2002 Greatest Hits album peaked at #2. 
This man is sometimes introduced as 'The Wembley Whammer' during concerts. 
He played Captain Teague in the 3rd installation of the 'Pirates of the Caribbean' franchise. 
Jagger and Richards produced numerous albums under this pseudonym. 
The band recorded 3 Temptations songs: 'My Girl', 'Just My Imagination', and this song, off the 1974 release, 'It's Only Rock N' Roll'. 
In 1989 the band was inducted into this prestigeous foundation. 
In 1965, this song was the 4th #1 hit in the UK, but the first in the US. 
This record label signed the group in 1963. 
Brian Jones named the band after a song by this American blues musician. 
This song is sung by Jagger as a first-person narrative from the point of view of Lucifer. 
'Shine a Light', a documentary by this director featured footage from a 2-year tour. 
That tour also got the band in the Guinness Book of World Records for 'most lucrative music tour'. 
This 2003 event involving Jagger was met with slight disapproval by fans and Richards. 

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