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Can you name the characters from the TV Show, 'The Middle'?

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middle child/only daughtertries out for many things, unpopular, has braces
neighborfriends with Frankie and Nancy
Axl's weird classmateon Wrestlerettes, took Axl to the prom twice
neighbor/Axl's best friendnice, outgoing, polite
main character/narrator/momshort, works as dentist/car saleswoman
Axl's ex-girlfriendvery smart, tutors Axl
Axl's best friend/Sue's boyfrienddumb, goes to air conditioning school
Brick's girlfriendawkward, tells Brick what to do
Axl's ex-girlfriendrelative of Frankie's hairdresser, goes to East Indiana State with Axl
Frankie's mothernice, gives fudge to her grandchildren
Frankie's fathertalks a lot, hangs out with Mike
dadtall, works at quarry, not outgoing
Brick's friendacts like a cat, in Brick's social group
Frankie's elderly auntbad memory, smokes, has dog named Doris
oldest sonathlete, popular, messy/lazy
School therapisthelps Brick with his social issues
Frankie's bosslikes Frankie, works at dentist office
Brick's friendlikes transformers, obsessed with keeping everything on schedule
co-worker at Ehlert Motors (man)insecure, weird, no family
Mike's fatherhoarder, not outgoing, shows no emotions
Axl's ex-girlfriendstraight A's, controlled Axl, on-and-off relationship with Axl
neighbor (woman)mean, doesn't care what her children do, bad family
Mike's brotherunreliable, poor
Sue's ex-boyfriendon wrestling team, moved away
reverendhelps troubled teens (like Sue), likes to sing with his guitar
cheerleaders (name one)inseparable, one of them dates Axl, don't know who Sue is
youngest childloves to read, irresponsible, forgetful, forgotten child
neighbor (woman)perfect family, very nice
Sue's ex-boyfriendenthusiastic, unpopular, loves theatre, on wrestling team
Axl's best friend in collegefootball teammate in college, eventual roommate with Axl
Frankie's bosshates Frankie, selfish
Sue's best friendweird, geeky, wore glasses and braces

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