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What was SHINee's debut song?
Who is the first chinese solo artist in the kpop industry?
What year did Shinhwa debut?
Including Kyuhyun, how many members did Super Junior originally have?
Who is the oldest member of Infinite?
What is the fan club name of solo artist Bi Rain?
What label is Block B signed to?
Which member of U-KISS was formerly known as an Ulzzang?
Which group had a hit with the songs 'Muzik' and 'Hot Issue'?
Who is FT Islands maknae?
Who is the shortest member of CN Blue?
With which song did Infinite win their first number 1?
Who is the leader of TVXQ/DBSK?
Who is Teen Top's maknae?
Who is the lead dancer of Girls' Generation?
What year did DBSK part ways?
What label is solo singer BoA signed to?
Which male idol almost debuted as a member of Big Bang?
What year was B1A4's leader born in?
Which member of Super Junior was the first to enter the army?
NU'EST and After School belong to which record label?
Who are DGNA's label mates?
Which 2NE1 MV was completely animated?
Which member of SNSD was featured in The TRAX's Oh! My Goddess MV?
In Infinite's The Chaser MC, Which member was in the car?
Which member of EXO had the most teasers?
Which member of F.Cuz departed from the group?
How many sub groups does Super Junior have?
Which member of SS501 had a solo release entitled 'Not Alone'?
Who is the youngest member of Boyfriend?
What is the title of MBLAQ's first Japanese single?
Which girl group has a rotating leader system?
Which FT Island member was in the drama 'You're Beautiful'?
What group was U-KISS's AJ formerly a member of?
Who gets shot in MBLAQ's 'It's War' MV?
In DBSK's Mirotic MV, which member was trapped by water?
Which member of B2ST was featured in A-Pink's 'I Don't Know' MV?
Who was the 'player' in Teen Top's 'No More Perfume On You' MV?
Which After School MV had a drummer boy concept?
What was the name of SM Town's 2007 summer song?
What was the name of Rania's sexy debut single?
Orange Caramel is a sub group of which group?
What is the name of EXO's official debut single?
What year did Brown Eyed Girls debut?

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