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tool used for length
tool used for temperature
tool used for volume
tool used for mass
tool used for density
Water boils at
Water freezes at
density of water
Yes or no? More dense liquids or objects move to the bottom of what ever is holding them
the features of life
cell theory
difference between plant and animals cells
independent variable
dependent variable
what are constants?
why are constants important?
how do you write a hypothesis?
how a community is related to an ecosystem?
how is population related to a community?
what is the difference between a habitat and a niche?
limiting factor (example)
why are producers important to an ecosystem
why are consumers important?
why are decomposers important?
levels of the food pyramid
difference between photosynthesis and cellular respiration
a. energy released b. energy stored c. glucose and oxygen are reactants d. glucose and oxygen are products e. takes place in cells with chlorophyll f. takes place in all cells
why does the appear to move across the sky
what direction does the sun appear to move in the sky?
how do shadows look throughout the day?
solar noon?
why does Earth have seasons?
why is it colder in the winter than in the summer?
leap year?
Why are summer and winter six months apart?
What is the significance of of the tropic of cancer and capricorn
why is it warm at the equator
average albedo of Earth?
average albedo of Ice?
average albedo of Water?
how do molecules move when heated?
why does water heat slower than soil and air?
why is the ocean a heat reservoir?
how does being closer to the ocean affect temperatures?
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