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My more recent films include “War of the Worlds,” “Tropic Thunder” and “Jack Reacher.” WHO AM I?
Who is the Roman equivalent of Aphrodite?
What is the only continent without a time zone?
The Falklandnd wars took place between England and which country?
In anthropology, what do we call a society without formalized differences in the access to power, influence and wealth?
What is the formula for benzene?
Who is the drummer for The Rolling Stones?
Who wrote the ancient Greek tragedy “Medea”?
Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s tales of Holmes were first published in what magazine?
What do we call the longest side of a right-angled triangle?
Who is the Roman equivalent of Hera?
What is the common name for ethanoic acid?
In what country is the bridge across the River Kwai?
What is the nearest star to planet Earth?
In fortune telling, what name is given to a deck of cards in which each card has a meaning?
QuestionAnswer (watch spelling)
Who plays Holmes in the current BBC series “Sherlock”?
What historic hill towers over St. John’s harbour in Newfoundland?
The 'D' in DNA stands for?
In what sport is one period of play called a “chukker”?
This gas makes up most of air
What element is the mole calculation based on
What is the capital of Chile?
This city was called Constantinople. What is it called now?
What Canadian World War I pilot is credited with shooting down 12 enemy planes, one of which carried the “Red Baron”.
What is the name of Saturn's largest moon?
Who is the wife of Philip Mountbatten?
The original name of this Canadian city was Ville Marie?
What city boasts districts known as Nob Hill and Russian Hill?
Who was the first female Canadian astronaut?
In 1959, Canada and the U.S. opened what inland waterway?

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