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LyricsRest of lyricsSong
the remains of my wasted youthcoffee shop soundtrack
and then we do it againa party song
she's got both hands in her pocketsalejandro (cover)
strange maze, what is this place?painting flowers
sad, like a candle you burned outlullabies
i'm mixed upremembering sunday
does it help to play as you're wasting away as a silver screen cliche?actors
take off your wingstoxic valentine
maybe in magazinesumbrella
show me the skylinesticks stones and techno
LyricsRest of lyricsSong
your lips are a hot flamenoel
but a dead end sign waits down the linepoison
just another pretty faceholly
DC, Chicagohello, brooklyn
can you hear the crowd is callinghometown heroes; national nobodies
pour me another drinki can't do the one two step
you closed your eyeswe all fall down
i'd tear out my own heartmemories that fade like photographs
get out while you can or she'll tear you to piecesthe girl's a straight up hustler
when it's rising when it sets but all i can think about is sexlet it roll

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