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Can you name the movies that share their titles with Beatles songs?

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Forced Order
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A day in the life of the Beatles1964
Everybody is after Ringo's ring1965
It's a surreal bus1967
Once upon a time in Pepperland1968
Starts in a studio, ends on a rooftop1970
Billy Shears comes to life, and he is Frampton1978
Everybody is after a ticket to Ed Sullivan1978
Pacino is a fur trapper and almost got a Razzie1985
Nerd 'rents' a cheerleader for a month1987
Be afraid of Kathy Bates1990
Documentary about McCartney's tour1991
John and Paul walking and talking2000
Manson. Charles Manson.2004
Jude, Lucy, Max, Sadie, JoJo... everybody's here2007
Swank gets letters from dead husband2007

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