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What is the name of the drug given to Jacqueline's son and the other children in order to calm them down?
What day did the Reverend believe the apocalypse would commence?
What is the name of Kimmy's half-sister?
What is the name of the Helen Keller inspired musical that Titus sings an excerpt from?
What is the Reverend's full name?
Who plays the television therapist from Season 2, Episode 11?
What did Titus fall asleep eating in Season 1, Episode 3 that resulted in his neck being greasy?
According to Lillian, Why must it have been a man who invented high heels?
What does Lillian call Titus when she sees him rolling around in money through the hole in her floor
Who did Titus begin to quote before he is interrupted in Season 2, Episode 10?
What ill-faded musical opened six days after Annie, according to Titus?
What did Robert Durst throw at Titus?
What is Lillian's last name?
Fill in the blank: 'Hey, can I borrow a cup of flour? Some white kids outside ____ _______.'
What is the subtitle of the play 'Spiderman 2' that Titus auditions for?
What is the name AND subtitle of the song Titus writes and films a chaotic music video for in Season 1, Episode 6?
What does Kimmy accidentally tell Vera in Spanish in Season 1, Episode 4, because of her minuscule knowledge of the language?
What app does Cyndee get a push notification from in Season 1, Episode 13?
What is Cyndee's full name?
Who is Jacqueline's arch nemesis?
Fill in the blank: 'I can't wear a green scrunchie on Thursday! Everyone will think I'm _____!'
What does Kimmy call SpongeBob when she sees him, while she is searching for her mom?

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