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Can you name all of the Disney Comics characters created by the legendary Carl Barks? (for true Disney Comics fans ONLY!)

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Barks' most famous character!
Above character's most recurrent enemies!
She's not a witch, she's a sorceress!
Obnoxious, jerk-y, and oh-so-annoying!
Genius inventor!
The genius inventor's assistant and first invention!
One of a set, name of a month
One of a set, name of a month
One of a set, name of a month
Annoying neighbor
Pirate, took Huey, Dewey, and Louie on their first adventure!
Zombie that tracked the first character on this quiz for many years!
Creator of the above Zombie, chief of native village destroyed by thugs when he wouldn't sell it to first character after first character's moral downfall
Sneaky lawyer, uses arcane and obscure laws to gain power for himself
Associate of above lawyer who desires to rule North America
Swamp elves
Founder of Duckburg
Slightly less moral counterpart to first character
Billionaire rival of first character!
Kind sister of first character
Hot-tempered sister of first character
Husband of above character
Descendant of the founder of Duckburg, male
Descendant of the founder of Duckburg, female
Goose with stuck-up expression
Goose with glasses
Ancestor of husband of hot-tempered sister of first character, worked on a ship that sank with all aboard lost
Ancestor of first character, worked on a ship
Daughter of husband of hot-tempered sister of first character

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