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Can you name the Seinfeld four 'dates'?

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They're real...and they're spectacularJerry/The Implant
Bet Elaine that Dustin Hoffman was in Star WarsElaine/The Calzone
Believes she got gonorrhea by riding a tractor in her bathing suit.Jerry/The Burning
George wants to take her to the ball and make a grand entrance...if she doesn't break up with him first.George/The Susie
a.k.a. The MaestroElaine/The Maestro
Engaged to George, met her demise licking toxic envelopesGeorge
Makes out with Jerry during Shindler's List, sees George naked when he is a victim of 'shrinkage'Jerry/The Hamptons, The Raincoats, The Opposite
Had Kramer dumped in the East River after she thought he dropped dead on top of herKramer/The Friar's Club
Avid New Jersey Devils fan, religious, and a (former) auto-mechanicElaine
a.k.a. MulvaJerry/The Junior Mint
Efficient secretary who succumbs to passion with George in his office (that's definitely do-able)George/The Secretary
Became angry that Elaine stopped off to buy Jujyfruits right after finding out he was in a car accidentElaine/The Sniffing Accountant, The Opposite, and The Scofflaw
The two women Kramer and Mickey go on a double date with, but can't decide who each will date (either name will work!)Kramer/The Yada Yada
'Bizarro Jerry' who enjoys reading, giving money to the homeless, etc.Elaine/The Bizarro Jerry & The Soul Mate
Elaine's cousin who cooks Jerry muttonJerry/The Wink
Shares a name with a serial killerElaine/The Masseuse
Moves downtown, leading to a 'long-distance relationship' with KramerKramer/The Maid
Won't let George break up with her (Turn your key, ___! Turn your key!)George/The Strong Box
Musician who 'may not do everything', writes a song called 'Hot and Heavy'Elaine/The Rye
Works at bookstore and captivates Kramer, while Jerry becomes 'gaga' himselfJerry and Kramer/The Soul Mate
George frequently tries to call her at the Chinese Restaurant with no successGeorge/The Chinese Restaurant
The 'close talker' who enjoys spending time with Jerry's parentsElaine/The Raincoats
____ the Virgin...until John F Kennedy Jr comes alongJerry/The Contest and The Virgin
Lesbian golf teacher and Susan's girlfriend who Kramer turns to heterosexualityKramer/The Smelly Car
Misleads Jerry into thinking she's Chinese, in all actuality is just a girl from Long IslandJerry/The Chinese Woman
Dresses up as Pagliacci the clown, stalks Elaine, kicks Kramer, threatens JerryElaine/The Opera, The Pitch, The Watch, The Pilot
George dated, albeit briefly, this Oscar Winning actressGeorge/The Cadillac
Former Mets first baseman who charms both Elaine and JerryElaine/The Boyfriend

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