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Can you name the Really Happy Answers of Useless Knowledge!!!?

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What is my account name?
What country's flag is white with a red circle?
What color are The Simpsons?
How many stars are on the USA's flag???
What is your favorite Big Four sport?
How many fingers do most people have?
What team does Peyton Manning play for?
�Puedes hablar español?
What is the biggest North American country?
Who won the World Cup? (Saddest question on quiz)
'The ________ ________ Warriors are my favorite NBA team because of the name, ___________ _______!!!
What show is Bender from?
What show used to feature Simon Cowel and Paula Abdul?
What sport is the World Series for?
What about the World ________ Classic?
What planet did 'Avatar' take place on which is also an internet radio station and Greek myth?
What color is American money??
?!?What is ROY G. BIV's middle name?!?
LAST QUESTION!!! Did you get any of the sixteen bonuses?? (Answer 'Yeah' or 'Nah')

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