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Anti-convulsant use
Gabapentin class
Tx of temporal arteritis
Amitriptyline class
Zolmitriptan class
Prevention of primary exertional HA
SE: Similar to metoclopramide + rare agranulocytosis
Tolfenamic acid class
Dihydroergotamine class
Tx of cluster HA - prolonged prevention
Tx of cluster HA - chronic short term prevention
Propanolol use
Chlorpromazine class
Tx of primary sex HA
Rizatriptan class
Tx of primary cough HA
Indication for Ergot Alkaloids
Tx of primary exertional HA
Serotonin receptor subtype 5-HT 1B/1D
SE: Before tx with renal impairment: hyponatremia, HA, n/v, After tx: dehydration, hypernatremia, hyperkalemia
Nortriptyline class
Sumatriptan class
Naratriptan class
Dx: thunderclap, worst HA ever, CN III palsy, s/s of ICP, and meningismus
Dopamine antagonist use
Tx of hemicrania continua
Contraindications for 'Triptans'
Elevate ICP value
Metoclopramide class
Methysergide class
Ergonovine class
Tx of cluster HA - acute attack
TCA use
Indication for Serotonin Agonist
Almotriptan class
Tx of primary stabbing HA
Butorphanol class
Tx of hypnic HA
Ibuprofen class
Butorphanol use
Drug MOA: osmotic diuresis out of parenchyma into vascular space
Tension HA tx
Valproate class
Topiramate class
'Triptan' SE
Dx: HA of ICP usually with focalizing signs
Bromocriptine class
Acetaminophen use
Amitriptyline, Nortryptyline, and doxepin can be taken prophylactically at bedtime for ________ HA
Dx: unilateral throbbing HA, >50, fever, scalp sensitivity, jaw pain, vision difficulty
Ergotamine class
Naproxen class
Prochlorperazine class
Drowsiness, fatigue, pseudoparkinsonism, diarrhea, hyperprolactinemia (gynecomastia, galactorrhea, impotence)

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