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Catalase (+), Coagulase (+), B-hemolysis, and Mannitol (+)
Major predisposing factor to IE
Common species in homeless males
Tx for methicillin sensitive staphylococci
Virulence factor that promotes conversion of fibrinogen to fibrin clot in S. aureus
Most common cause of subacute IE in pts, often pts with abnormal valves and acquired from dental procedures
Coagulase (-), no hemolysis, mannitol (-)
Other gram (organisms) H
Most common fungal endocarditis bugs
Catalase (-) grows in 6.5% NaCl, a or y-hemolysis
Generally found in IV drug users and ICU pts who receive broad spectrum antibiotics - BC often negative
Virulence factor Viridans
Virulence factor that promotes clumping in S. aureus
Dz of abnormal or normal valves with febrile toxic course, chills, rapid onset of CHF lasting days to weeks
Tx for methicillin resistant staphylococci
Causes subacutre IE in pts with damaged heart valves
Valve commonly infected in IV drug user IE
Virulence factor that inhibits phagocytosis in S. aureua
Late or early?? Associated with transient bacteremia
Infection is a consequence of...
Tx for streptococci and enterococci
Empiric antibiotic therapy in acute and IV drug user
Dz of structurally abnormal valves with low fever, anorexia, and weakness lasting more than several weeks following dental procedure with new or changin heart murmur
Other gram (organisms) K
Who needs IE prophylaxis??
Most common polymicrobial IE
Other gram (organisms) A
Fastidious organisms requires 5-10% carbon dioxide for growth + 3 wks incubation
Must be considered in culture-negative IE
Viridans streptococci bugs
IE within 3 months of valve surgery
Aerobic gram (-), produces pigments, and has diverse metabolic capabilities
Other gram (organisms) C
Most common cause of acute IE
Other gram (organisms) E
Virulence factor that is a pore-forming toxin in S. aureus
Late or early?? Associated w/ nosocomial/wound contamination
Catalase (-), a-hemolytic, optochin resistant, and bile resistant

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