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Infections causing myocarditis which can lead to DCM
Associated with myocardial fibrosis and endocardial fibrosis (Loeffler's endomyocarditis)
CXR does not show cardiomegaly
Tx of end-stage HCM
Cardiomyopathy with systolic dysfunction
Complication of DCM
'Banana like' shaped ventricle
Associated with impaired compliance and diastolic dysfunction
Disease intrinsic to the myocardium considered after you rule out HF secondary to IHD, HTN, or valvular heart disease
Associated with bizarre and disorganized myocytes and fibrosis
Dx tests for amyloidosis
Associate with hypertrophy, scarring, AV valves, and cavity obliteration
Infiltrated by amyloid, sarcoid granuloma, hemochromatosis, and glycogen deposition
Tx of obstructive HCM
CXR shows cardiomegaly
Reduced EDV and increased LV contractility
Possibly associated with autosomal dominant disease
S/s of amyloidosis
Cardiomyopathy associated with asymmetric idiopathic hypertrophy esp. involving the septum
Diagnostic tests for DCM
EF of ~ 25%
Possible narrowing of outflow tract leading to increased afterload
Cardiomyopathy associated with myocarditis, peripartum, doxorubicin, autosomal dominant, and ETOH

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