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Blocks release of NE - replaces NE as a false transmitter - used in severe HTN
Beta 1 specific blocker
Needs multiple daily dosing or TD patch
MOA: unk, may increase K conductance preventing SM contraction -> arteriolar dilation -> decreased PVR
Non selective alpha 1 and 2 blocker used in hypertensive emergencies with adrenergic crisis
BB used in IV hypertensive emergency and HTN caused by pheochromocytomas
Inhibits aldosterone receptor
Main use of venule/arteriolar dilators
Vasodilator with lupus erythematosus SE
SE: inhibits pancreatic insulin release
Short half life but prolonged effects
SE: initial dose severe low BP, renal failure, dry cough, angioedema, hyperkalemia in RF or DM. Affected by NSAIDs
Used in severe HTN, preeclampsia
Mixed alpha and beta blocking
Compelling indication for diuretic therapy
Diuretic used in hypertensive emergencies with acute left ventricular failure
SE: accumulation of cyanide, metabolic acidosis
Compelling indication for alpha adrenergic receptor blocker
D1 agonist
More pronounced blockade but no effects on bradykinin
CNS acting alpha receptor agonist
Long acting ACEI
SE: increased TG, decreased HDL, decreased recovery from hypoglycemia
CNS acting drug that is converted to active products in nerves producing alpha 2 receptor agonist
Inhibits NaCl transport in DCT preventing Na reabsorption
Causes irreversible block of amine uptake into synaptic vesicles -> depletion of NT = blocks catecholamine uptake
Contraindicated in pregnant and renovascular disease
SE: CNS, sedation, mental lassitude, nightmares, mental depression, vertigo, extrpyramidal effects
Partial beta agonist
BB used in IV hypertensive emergency with MI or unstable angina
Direct vasodilator of venules and arterioles
Adrenergic nerve blockers
SE: sympathoplegia = orthostatic hypotension, sexual dysfunction and parasympathoplegia = constipation, urinary retention, dry mouth, blurred vision
BB may be better in pts with depressed cardiac function or lung disease
Vasodilator wtih MOA NO release and cGMP activation
Ganglion blocker used IV to manage hypertensive crisis, acute aortic dissection, and BP control for neurosurgery
Inhibits Na-K-Cl exhanger in TAL
Alpha 1 adrenergic blocker
Compelling indication - angina, post-MI, essential tremor, SVT, hyperthyroidism
CNS acting drug used for HTN in pregnant pts
ARB - blocks angiotensin type 1 (AT1) receptor
SE: same as methyldopa, dry mouth common
Similar SE to ACEI with no cough or angioedema
SE: increased risk of HF

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