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Can you name the answers to the definitions, then find the connection between the answers?

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Increased performance time by audience demand
Look of contempt; Intense light
Object of good luck; Attractiveness
Help, aid or serve
Solid ice precipitation
Use again (especially material packaging and products)
An object or structure that disallows movement through it
Strut with a proud gait, possibly to impress
Terrifying dream
Ride a board on the crest of an ocean wave
Device that produces regular beats
Conflict; To advance with extreme effort
Crave, want
American term for a tornado; Hasbro game with a large plastic mat
Large decapitating device, used in the French Revolution
Confine in a jail
Substance that reacts with a base
Toy weapon used for firing liquid
Produce a melody with a voice
Producing speech while unconcious
One who takes property illegally
Fury, intense anger
Artificially created mental state which resembles sleep
Power, force or stamina
Ceremonial body movement to produce precipitation
Imperial unit of mass; British currency
Period of prolonged hot weather (can also be humid)
Obscuration of the sky by dust and smoke particles
Relax or sleep
So, what's the connection?

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