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When was the website launched? (year)
According to Wikipedia what 'type of site' is it?
Who was it created by? (person's name)
What word is the title 'Sporcle' inspired by
How many categories of games are there?
What category is the most played overall?
What category is the least played overall?
Complete their mission statement: We actively and methodically search out new and innovative ways to prevent our users from getting ......... whatsoever. (three words)
What is the most played quiz if all time?
To the nearest million, how many times has the most played quiz been played?
Since what year were all users allowed to create quizzes?
Since what month of this year were all users allowed to create quizzes?
How many comments does the 'Countries of the World' quiz have to the nearest 100?
Do they have an iPhone app?
How many fans does Sporcle have to nearest 1000?
Name the first category box on the 'all user created' page? (the ones that link to the quizzes)
Name the second category box on the 'all user created' page?
Name the third category box on the 'all user created' page?
Name the fourth category box on the 'all user created' page?
Name the fifth category box on the 'all user created' page?
Name the sixth category box on the 'all user created' page?
What users quizzes have been played the most? (name the user)
And in second place?
And third?
What (non-editor) user has had the most published quizzes?
What is the default user avatar, which is showed in comments?
In which country was Sporcle invented?
What is the most common country name answer overall?
Sporcle has a five-star system for rating quizzes - but they're not stars! what are they?
What is the maximum number of characters you can have in a game note(as well as the maximum number of questions in a quiz)?
Name (in full) any of the 'Game Options' when creating/editing a quiz.
Complete the phrase: ....... to other Theme by Sporcle title quiz takers? (four words)
What country makes up the majority of Sporcle users?
What country comes next at approximately 10%?
What country comes after this just over 3%?
What two errors did jesus make on the 'U.S. States' quiz? (giving him a total of -326 points so far?)
What two errors did jesus make on the 'U.S. States' quiz? (not the real jesus, obviously)
What is the first question in the Frequently Asked Questions?
Complete the phrase: 'Welcome to Sporcle.com, the home of...' (three words)
What was Sporcles first ever quiz?
Name one of the two countries that are joint last the Countries of the World quiz (least guessed).
Name one of the three categories that quizzes are placed into after using the Sporcle search engine.
What colour is the 'Ready? Click to Start' bar? (you just saw it!)
Complete the set of four words: Home, _____, Create, User Created
Complete the set of four terms: All User Created, Most Recent, Highest Ratings, _____
What famous quiz show's style is often used in Sporcle quizzes (and in their titles)?
Which of these is the odd one out (If you are regular Sporcler, you'll know this!) Sierra Leone, Vatican City, St. Kitts & Nevis, Hong Kong, Singapore...
When viewing the results, the answers that you got are in green. What colour are the rest?
What is the username of the creator of this quiz?
What is the bonus answer? (think of the fact that this is Sporcle)

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