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Can you name the LSU Sig Ep Member 2012?

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ClueLast Name/Popular Nickname
Will be the first man ever to get his own hand pregnant
Has the stomach of a bullshark that allows him to chug any liquid
Manliest Fu Manchu since Fu Manchu himself
The most Loved member of the chapter
Sexiest girl of the heart
When he farts, dust comes out
'He sucked my dick!'
Giving the Hanson brothers a run for their money in a beautiful hair contest
Saw Big Red naked and dreams about it every night
I swear to God, he has no eyes
Hired by SPE nationals just so they could study his frat shag
Still eats democrats for breakfast
Loves him some grades and academics
Owns the coolest bulldog ever birthed
Is his older brother's identical twin according to the compostite
Must shave his whole face, including forehead, because he is sasquatch
Has mastered the art of finding bikini pics of Facebook
ClueLast Name/Popular Nickname
If you won't listen to his words, listen to his dancing feet
Has had more cell phones stolen from him than Circuit City
Tony F's punching bag
Looked great in his speedo at Red Wet and Blue
Kicks Chris Rumore's ass when it comes to intramurals
Single-handedly put the Blind Tiger out of business with his pure beauty
Determined that the exchange rate for SPE tank tops equals one bj
Has a sweet fake Australian accent that lures in the ladies
Is sponsored by Trojan magnum condoms
I'm laughing, she's crying, bloods everywhere
Loves him some purple pussy
He's a hair double for Justin Timberlake
Is the next 'First Man' of Theta
Has more retard strength than Lennie Small himself
Stinks like Bigfoot's dick

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