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What does Radar always takes to bed with him?
Where is Hawkeye from?
Where does Hawkeye place a takeout order from?
What did Hotlips' father give her mother on their wedding night?
Father is Mulcahey's sister's name?
What is on Henry's hat?
Why was Trapper John going to be sent home (but utimately did not go home for this reason)?
What was the name of Hawkeye's former girlfriend who was temporarily assigned to the 4077th?
What is the name of Potter's horse?
Who does Frank keep a picture of near his bed?
What famous novel does Hawkeye get his nickname from?
What real-life M*A*S*H unit was the show based on?
What is the nickname of the North Korean bomber who targets the camp
What is the name of the Korean boy Trapper wants to adopt?
What did Hawkeye, Trapper and Radar give Henry as a goodbye gift?
What is Hawkeye's tent called?
Who is the operator that Radar talks to on the phone?
What was Donald Penobscott wearing at his wedding to Margaret?
What phony stock do Hawkeye and Trapper trick Frank into buying?
Who said 'Pull down your pants and slide on the ice'?

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