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Can you name the Ramones song?

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I'd greatly desire to be given a quantity of medication sufficient to decrease my stress level significantly
The Jetsons' daughter is a fan of 70's British anarchic music
Shore area in Queens, NY
You possess a cranium that is rather thin and pointy
The queen of the jungle also likes 70's anarchic music
The dance of swift military victory
Strike on the ill-mannered child
Would you care to cut a rug?
I'd like to be your male paramour
A lab chimp goes to a city north-east of Luxembourg
At this time, I'd quite enjoy inhaling some adhesive
An institution of learning devoted to music that is characterized by a heavy beat and simple melodies
A highly racist organization stole my young girlfriend
We desire the radio frequencies used for broadcasting
So extremely strong and prone to violence that it is impossible for me to go the way of all flesh
Freely transfer to me electoconvulsive therampy
I'd simply enjoy being occupied with activity
Many sharp sewing notions (hint: a cover song)
Would you care to join me in rhythmically moving to music, possibly following a set sequence of steps?
A tiny portion of vital force (another cover song)

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