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Can you name the Nancy Drew PC Characters Part 2?

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GameCharacter NameHint
Danger by DesignA famous courture designer
Danger by DesignYoung assistant
Danger by DesignFamed photographer
Danger by DesignA perfect size 12 that loves mint chocolate cookies
Danger by DesignA review writer for Glam Glam magazine
The Creature of Kapu CaveRuns the Immersion Excursion
The Creature of Kapu CaveDaughter of owner, trains to surf
The Creature of Kapu CaveBug scientist
The Creature of Kapu CaveRuns the Hilihili Research compound
The White Wolf of Icicle Creek LodgeThe name of the wolf
The White Wolf of Icicle Creek LodgeBird watcher
The White Wolf of Icicle Creek LodgeIce fisherman who plays fox and geese
The White Wolf of Icicle Creek LodgeCollege art student who plays fox and geese
The White Wolf of Icicle Creek LodgeRenowned skiing champion
The White Wolf of Icicle Creek LodgeHandyman at the lodge
Legend of the Crystal SkullYoung man that inherits the estate
Legend of the Crystal SkullWas the housekeeper for Bruno
Legend of the Crystal SkullOwner of bizarre shop called Zeke's
Legend of the Crystal SkullFound the body of Bruno
Legend of the Crystal SkullThe iguana that you dress up
Phantom of VeniceAn attractive British art restorer with a crush on Nancy
Phantom of VeniceOwner of Ca' Nascosta, rich old lady
Phantom of VeniceA journalist and a crime writer
Phantom of VeniceOwner of the House of Games, plays scopa
Haunting of Castle MalloyYoung woman about to be married
GameCharacter NameHint
Haunting of Castle MalloyBest friend of the groom
Haunting of Castle MalloyGroom that disappears
Haunting of Castle MalloyIrish groundskeeper
Ransom of the Seven ShipsPretends to be Jamaican, stuck on Dread Isle
Ransom of the Seven ShipsAmazon parrot
Ransom of the Seven ShipsThe couple that owns the resort
Warnings at Waverly AcademyCello-playing social misfit
Warnings at Waverly AcademyBody president and most popular girl
Warnings at Waverly AcademyJock soccer player
Warnings at Waverly AcademyTwin that that never recieves notes(cuz she writes them)
Warnings at Waverly AcademyNancy's annoying roommate
Trail of the TwisterLeader of the Canute chase team
Trail of the TwisterThe team's project manager
Trail of the TwisterTeam mechanic in the barn
Trail of the TwisterTeam photographer
Trail of the TwisterOwner of Ma 'n' Pa's General Store
Shadow at Water's EdgeReceptionist at the Ryokan Hiei
Shadow at Water's EdgeGrandmother that teaches origami
Shadow at Water's EdgeOlder daughter that runs a bento stand
Shadow at Water's EdgeBoyfriend of receptionist and ryokans handyman
The Captive CurseBurgmeister and gamemaker
The Captive CurseYoung boy that is the son of the head of security and loves to play pranks
The Captive CurseCastellan, in charge of guest services, found in the gift shop
The Captive CurseOld lady that is a travelling storyteller

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