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What was the animal that was released onto the Sydney Cricket Ground in 1993?Pig
The first AFL games were played next to where the _ is nowMCG
An AFL field was not an oval but a _ when the game started Rectangle
The highest grand final score recorded is 177 where _ beat _ in 1972Carlton Richmond
The only AFL game that has taken place over two days was against _ and _ in 1996St Kilda Essendon
No player with a surname starting with _ or _ have played in a premiershipU X
When the AFL first started, there was no time limit and the game ended when a team got _ goals, it got too dark to continue or the ball bursttwo
In 1965 and 1984, Essendon won the premiership with the exact same score of _105
The lowest grand final score recorded is _ where _ lost against Collingwood in 192713 Richmond
About _ % of AFL players are indigenous Australians nine

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