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A substance that speeds up a reaction without being permanently changed.
The substances formed from a reaction.
This is a reaction in which ions from two compounds exchange places.
A reaction in which two or more substances combine to form one new compound.
This is a chemical reaction in which energy is released.
This isa force that holds two atoms together in a molecule.
A reaction i nwhich a single compound breaks down to form two or more simpler substances.
This is a solid substance that is formed in a solution.
Ionic compounds are usually composed of ?
Covalent compounds are usually composed of two what?
This is the smallest amount of energy that molecules need to react
This is a shorthand way to use chemical symbols and number to represent a substance.
This uses chemical symbols and formulas as a shortcut to describe a chemical reaction.
A substance that slows down or stops a chemcial reaction
The starting materials in a chemical reaction.
This law states that mass is neither created nor destroyed in ordinary chemical and physical changes.
This is a reaction when an element replaces another element.
A chemical reaction in which energy is taken in
This is a process in which one or more substances change to make one or more new substances.
Gas formation, solid formation, energy change, color change are signs of
This is a number written below and to the right of a chemical symbol in a formula.
This law states neither mass nor energy can be created or destroyed
This is what happens to the bonds of substances during a chemical reaction.

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