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Can you name our friends based on the award we give them?

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Our 'Right Hand' Man Award
The Always Acts Like He Hates Us But We Know He Loves Us Award
The Friend Zone Award
The Winey Award
The Horny **** Award
The Best Day Ever Award
The Master of Everything Award
The Never Stop Flirting Award
The Mitch Storey Award
The Never Hangs Out With Us Anymore Award
Best Hair Award
The 'Why?' Award
The Smelly Fist Award
The Too Much Time on Runescape Award
The Greater Than The Great Wall Award
The Facebook Messenger
The Pisses All The Girls Off Award
The Far Away Land Award
Our Favorite Mexican
The Chamber Man
THE Wonder Twin Award
The Almost Old Enough Award
Mr. Silver Lake
Mrs. Silver Lake
Production Company of the Year
Best Actor in a Motion Picture
Filmer of the Year
Editor of the Year
Commentator of the Year
Showing Us What He's Made of Award
The Best Gym of the Year Award
The Beard of the Year Award
The Dynamic Duo of Spit Takes

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