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First women to defeat the qualifying course.
Has made it farther than any American, part of 'The Wolfpack'
A Flashy Doctor, part of 'The Wolfpack'
First Person to defeat the Ultimate Cliffhanger.
Always wears a mask when he runs the course.
First person to make an American Ninja Warrior course in his backyard.
Broke an obstacle, nicknamed 'The Weatherman'
Parkour athlete and tango dancer, nicknamed 'Mr. Consistancy'
World-renowned Rock Climber, part of 'The Wolfpack'
Rival of Flip Rodriguez, always goes for fastest time in Miami.
Most famous parkour athlete on YouTube
Nigerian musician out of Miami
Harlem Globetrotter
Used his legs to swing himself past an undefeated obstacle
Popular costume ninja, is a superhero
Oldest person to ever make it to Las Vegas
Popular walk-on who is nicknamed 'The Beast'
Former NCAA Gymnast, nicknamed 'The Tennessee Trader'
Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader
Legendary Ninja, runs Iron Sports in Houston, prone to injury
The Cowboy Ninja
American Gladiator
Speed Demon nicknamed 'The Natural'
Youngest Member of 'The Wolfpack' of Rock Climbers
Co-Owner of The Movement Lab in New Jersey, older brother
Other Co-Owner of The Movement Lab in New Jersey, younger brother
One of the most passionate ninjas, has a pose
Rookie Sensation turned inconsistent performer, musician
Piano Prodigee with twin brother
Shorter Competitor who tried a new approach to the Jumping Spider
Diabetic Competitor
Fastest Stage 1 Time set in USA vs. The World, European parkour athlete and stuntman
First person to beat Stage 3 on American soil (Japanese competitor)
Has competed on every single Sasuke competition (Japanese competitor)
Speed Demon Sasuke competitor known for his emotion (Japanese competitor)
Has defeated Mt. Midoriyama twice (Japanese Competitor)

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