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Sally went to the store and bought some candy which was 30$ and tax was $56670 how much did she need to take from the bank?
$2 and 50 cents minus 2$ is what?
If the big hand is on the 7 and the small hand is on the 8. What time is it?
If the small hand was in between 9 and 8, and the big hand was on 12 what time was it
John has $10.00 he bought a ball for $3.50. How much money does he have left?
Gerry has 1 dime and 3 quarters. How much money does Gerry have?
cam left his house 12:00 and got to school at 12:01 estimate how much time is in between?
Derp looks at the clock. The small hand is on the 6 and the big hand is on the 4. What time is it?

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