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Why is Rick in a coma?
Who is/are the first survivor(s) Rick encounters?
What is the name of Morgan's un-dead wife?
How does Rick reach Atlanta after running out of gas?
Who calls Rick a 'Dumbass' after he traps himself in a tank?
Who is with Glenn in the department store?
Who is left behind when the group escape in a truck?
Where are the rest of Glenn's group hiding out?
Who does Rick find there?
Which four survivors head back to Atlanta to get Merle?
What do they find on the roof where they left Merle?
Who is the leader of the gang that kidnaps Glenn?
Who is the first to die when Walkers attack the group back at camp?
What is the name of Andrea's sister who is also killed?
Who is left beside a tree on the way to the CDC?
What is the name of the man inside the CDC?
Who chooses to stay with Jenner when the CDC explodes?
How do the group evade a herd of Walkers on the Interstate?
Who is pursued into the woods by Walkers?
Who accidentally shoots Carl?
How does Shane escape the Walkers whilst gathering medical supplies with Otis?
Who lives on the farm with Hershel?
Who discovers the Walkers in the barn?
Who are the group shocked to see appear out of the barn as a Walker?
Who are the two survivors Rick shoots in the bar whilst looking for Hershel?
Who do Rick,Hershel and Glenn save after the shoot-out?
Who tortures Randall for info on his group?
Who ends Dale's suffering after he's gutted by a Walker?
What happens when Rick and Shane fight whilst abandoning Randall?
Who kills Randall?
What alarming discovery do Daryl and Glenn make whilst examining Randall's corpse?
After Rick stabs Shane in the heart, who kills the Walker version of Shane?
During the attack on the farm, who is killed?
Who saves Hershel from being jumped by a Walker?
When the group reunite on the Interstate, who suggests heading East towards the coast?
Who saves Andrea in the woods?
What does Rick reveal to the group after they stop to look for gas?
What possible safe haven is revealed in the final scene of Season 2?
Where have Andrea and Michonne been staying?
Which of the surviving prisoners utters the words 'Holy ****!' upon finding the group in their prison?
Who hacks off Hershel's leg?
Who sets a Walker on Rick whilst clearing a cell block?
Who revives Hershel when he passes during recovery?
When Andrea and Michonne reach the chopper crash, who gets there first?
Who's voice does Andrea hear when she has gun to her head?
What is the name of the town of survivors?

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