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Forced Order
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Actors NameCharacter Hint
Steve CarellRegional Manager
John KrasinskiMarried to Pam
Rainn WilsonOwns a beet farm
Jenna FischerWas engaged to Roy
B.J. NovakAttended business school
Ed HelmsAttended Cornell
Mindy KalingDates Ryan
Leslie David BakerCheated on his wife
Brian BaumgartnerIs the cookie monster
Creed Bratton(you don't need a hint!)
Angela KinseyLikes cats
Phyllis SmithSales rep.
Kate FlanneryAlcoholic
Oscar NuñezWas in a relationship with Gil
Paul LiebersteinHuman Resources
Actors NameCharacter Hint
Craig RobinsonWarehouse
Melora HardinMakes candles
Ellie KemperOrphan
David DenmanFormer Warehouse Employee
Andy BuckleyChief Financial Officer
Amy RyanDated Michael
Rashida JonesDated Jim
Robert R. ShaferMarried to Phyllis
Idris ElbaRan the Scranton branch for a short while
Nancy CarellMichaels Realtor
Kathy BatesSabre
David KoechnerMichaels best friend
Michael SchurDwights cousin
Zach WoodsSabre
Amy AdamsPurse girl

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