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Forced Order
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Act of Supremacy
Treaty of Étaples
Death of Edward VI and accession of Mary I
Fall of Cromwell
Death of Ferdinand of Aragon and accession of Charles to the Spanish crown later to become Emperor Charles V
Death of Francis I and Accession of Henri II of France
The northern rising
Accession of Francis I of France and his victory at Marignano
Death of Anjou
Treaty of Boulogne
Treaty of Nonsuch (month)
Henry VIII's first war against France dates of duration (inclusive)
Mary Queen of Scots abdication
Magnus Intercursus
Loss of Calais
Death of Isabella of Castille
Spanish Armada
Treaty of Westminster (England joins Holy League against France)
Perkin Warbeck in Ireland
Franco-Spanish Treaty of Noyon
Assassination of William of Orange
Henry VIII's war against James V's Scotland
Treaty of Redon
Death of Emperor Maximilian and the election of Charles to the throne of the HRE
Death of Henry VII and accession of Henry VIII (month)
Seizure of Genoese treasure ships bound for the Netherlands
7 year truce of Ayton with Scotland
Battle of Pinkie
Warbeck's attempted invasion at Deal
The Papal Bull of Excommunication against Elizabeth
Defeat of Breton resistance
Elizabeth's rejection of sovereignty in the Netherlands
Death of Mary I and accession of Elizabeth I
The Prayer Book Rebellion or western uprising
Henry VII's invasion of France (month)
Papal Excommunication of Henry VIII
James IV's invasion in support of Warbeck
Cleves marriage and annulment
Battle of the Spurs (month)
Accession of James IV in Scotland
Battle of Solway Moss (month)
The Yorkshire rebellion under Henry VII
Discovery of Ridolfi plot
Massacre of Hawkins' men at San Juan D'Ulua
Death of Arthur (month)
Battle of Bosworth (month)
Abdication of Charles V and the partition of the Holy Roman Empire
Philip of Burgundy's unexpected arrival in England and the Malus Intercursus
Capture of Boulogne (month)
Treaty of Troyes
Death of Francis II and accession of Charles IX under regency
Fall of Somerset (month)
Battle of Flodden (month)
Treaty of Hampton court with Huguenots
Pilgrimage of Grace
Treaty of Perpetual peace
Henry VIII's second war with France (inclusive dates of duration)
Treaty of Medina del Campo (month)
Henry VIII's marriage to Catherine of Aragon
Treaty of Blois
Treaties of Greenwich
Treaty of Câteau-Cambrésis (month)
Marriage of Prince Arthur and Catherine of Aragon
Death of Wolsey (month)
Anne Boleyn crowned queen (month)
Execution of Mary Queen of Scots
The Cornish rebellion and capture of Warbeck
Death of Elizabeth of York
French victory in Brittany commencing French occupation
Execution of Anne Boleyn (month)
reconciliation of southern Netherland's provinces with Philip II
Treaty of London
Anglo-French Peace of Ardres or Treaty of Camp
Philip II's successful invasion of Portugal
Peace of Cambrai
Treaty of Berwick and subsequent treaty of Edinburgh
Death of Elizabeth I (month)
Death of Charles IX and accession of Henri III
Spanish landing at Kinsdale, Ireland
Lambert Simnel Crowned in Ireland and subsequent Battle of East Stoke
Warbeck's arrival in Flanders and the subsequent embargo on trade with the Netherlands
Treaty of Angers
Death of Philip II and accession of Philip III
Assassination of Henri III and accession of Henry IV
League of Cognac against Charles V
Wyatt's rebellion
Massacre of St Bartholomew
Death of Henri II and accession of Francis II
Edmund de la Pole's arrival in the Netherlands
Treaty of Vervins
Death of Henry VIII and accession of Edward VI (month)
Execution of Warbeck
Kett's Rebellion
Tyrone Rebellion
Field of Cloth of Gold and Henry VIII subsequent meeting of Charles at Calais

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