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'Noone told you comedy could ever be this lame'
'The way it really was, was a very different story'
'I'll never have kids now!'
'Get out of my poke-super-duper-market!'
'You're thick'
'Dizzy water, dizzy water, dizzy water!'
'I'll take him down to a chinese takeaway, coz I fancy some duck flambe '
'Hi Ant fans!'
'Get lost metal buttocks.'
'It's gotta rhyme!'
'Sorry, misread the signs, GOODBYE!'
'Youve only got one there Greengas' 'but i accidently let one go' *parp*
'People often ask us how come you're so beautiful and we always reply how come you're not?'
'I'm Neil Pumpcanon!'
'What kind of man would I be if i couldn't slip my favourite co-pilots a sausage in the morning?'
*Whistles a pop song*
'And he struck it like an amazing flying....onion...It's a goal!'
'Oh Sabrina I want you for me wife!''this guy should get a life.'
'you're all right mate, you're all just made a fatal mistake!'

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