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'Anytime you're my number one choice, are you a person or simply a voice?'
'I'll take you to the ocean I'll rub you down in suntan lotion.'
'Come to me with an open hand i'm never gonna leave, im gonna make you understand'
'She grabbed my hand and rolled her eyes, meet me in an hour for a mmm little suprise'
I'm single and free a whole new life, but she's snapping at my heels, giving me trouble and strife'
'I'm not sure who's knocking at my door, who's ringing my bell I can't say' (who is it??)
'I still think this is one big joke but there's kids on the street and they're getting smoked'
'Honey its you I need, can you hear me calling you?'
'So many lyrics we're frightened to use them.'
I thought for a moment...or was it a while?'
'Outrageous behaviour, little boy your lifes in danger'
'Like a dog a dog on a lead i'm gonna follow you everywhere'
'I wanna hold you close, I wanna feel you near, surround you in the dark and protect you from fear'
'Living in space, ain't good for you.'
'My body sweats, I need you, as I feel along your shore, I see your eyes your body cries you can not take no more'
'I see that the woolies window'

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