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What is the name of the 'simple sign' restaurant?
how many times have we held a holiday potluck?(number)
the semester we lived together, what was our big TV day?
how many tolls do you pass through driving to ISU(one way)
which pocket on the pribans' pool table is broken?(side, corner, or end)
where country did jeff mention visiting in 2010?
how many seasons of scrubs are out on DVD?
where does AJ work?(two words)
not including each other, how many roomies have the 4 of us had while at ISU?spell the number
who was that douchebag who looked like Collin Farrel and was dating Audrina from 'the Hills'?
what is 'duckey's' real last name?
who owned the hummer when we went to the Fire game?
What did Kevin Kelly have on his feet after that one night at kleisch's(one word)
How many secondary institutions did John Kleisch attend?spell the number
What is John Throndson's unsavory nickname?
what is the name of that lame-ass non-honors frat at ISU?(initials)
what exit do you take to get to maxwell's?one word
what did daryl make for us the first morning in our first sheboygan trip?
what exit do you get off at to get to Scott the Evil's condo?
which cub did we meet while at woodfield mall?

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