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Can you name the A-Z of Twilight?

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Where Bella originally livedA
Surname of her best friendB
Charlies jobC
Fellow Vegetarian covenD
Alice's partnerE
Where Charlie livesF
What Vampires do in the sun ____like diamondsG
Surname of Rosalie and JasperH
Jacob does what on Renesmee?I
Who plays Jasper?J
Main ActressK
Tried to kill Bella in New MoonL
Surname of the authorM
Jasper made theseN
State where Esmee was bornO
Jane can inflict __P
Jacobs TribeQ
Haunted her human fianceeR
Leahs younger brotherS
Series of 4 books written by StephanieT
Sam____ , leader of Jacobs tribeU
Vampire RoyaltyV
What Jacob turns out to beW
First name of the Australian actor expected to play Riley in the third film X
Last name of Sams Fiancee Emily___Y
Member of the Amazon TribeZ

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