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What is the name of don corneo's henchmen?
If you bust in through the front door of the Shinra Building you have to take an elevator up to Floor 59. it stops on random floors. on which floor do you find a shinra employee?
How many chocobos are in the fenced area outside the Chocobo Farm the first time you go there?
In Costa Del Sol, left of the entrance to the beach there is a blue sign in the foreground. What does it read?
What was the name of Barret's wife?
What does it say around the edge of the trapdoor entrance to Corel Prison in the Battle Arena?
How many Kupo nuts must you feed MOG in all?
Who was Tifa's martial arts teacher?
From which enemy can you learn the enemy skill White Wind?
What is the first piece of materia that you can pick up?
What was the name of the army that attacked Cosmo Canyon prior to FFVII?
where is the location of flyer #3 for the turlte paradise sidequest?
who is the boss on the 4th floor of the padoga in wutai?
who is marlenes mother?
what accessory can you steal from SOLDIER 1st?
what number tattoo did the man in the tunnel in the slums have?
what is the name of sephiroth's sword?
what weapn can you win in junon after the parade?
what is the name of the man who has an office in the back of a lorry in corel prison?
what is the name of the person you have to beat to get alexander materia?

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