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what defining feature often leads to cloud being mistaken for an ex-SOLDIER?
what is the name of the small plane later used as a boat?
where can you find vincent's ultimate weapon 'death penalty'?
what is the name of joe's chocobo?
what is the nation of wutai's guardian god?
what is the name of the eco-terrorist insurgent group opposing shin-ra?
what treasure do you get once defeating ruby weapon?
what is the name of aeris' mother?
what is the name of choco bill's granddaughter?
what is the name of the serpent that dwells within the marshlands leading to the Mythril Mine?
who was the previous owner of the villa in costa del sol?
what is the name given to the big cannon originally housed at junon?
what is the name of the first weapon that dies?
what is the name of the plane found underwater?
what is the attack of the summon kjata?
which materia allows the use of 'death'? (not inc. master materia)
what ring does sephiroth wear in the flashback at mt.nibel?
what is the name of priscilla's dolphin?
what is the name of the mountain in wutai?
what odd ingredient does palmer like in his tea?

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