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Forced Order
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lyricsmissing word
There's a ______ in my bed
There's a ____ in my head
____ all over the room
Pink ______ in the pool
I smell like a _____
DJ's passed out in the _____
Barbie's on the ______
There's a _____ or a bruise
Pictures of ____ night
Ended up ______
I'm _____
Oh ____
It's a black top _____
But I'm pretty _____ it ruled
Last _____ Night
Yeah we danced on ______
And we took too many ____
Think we _____ but I forgot
_____ Friday Night
Yeah we ____ our credit cars
And got kicked out of the _____
So we hit the _____
Last Friday ______
We went _____ in the park
Skinny dipping in the _____
Then had menage a _____
Last _____ ______
Yeah I think we broke the _____
Always _____ we're gonna stop-op
____ friday night
Do it all _____
lyricsmissing word
This friday _____
Do ___ ____ again
Trying to connect the _____
Don't know what to tell my _____
Think the ____ towed my car
____ is on the floor
With my ____ party dress
Warrens out for my _____
Think I need a ginger _____
That was such an _____ fail
Pictures of _____ night
Ended ___ online
____ screwed
___ well
It's all a _____ out blur
But I'm pretty sure ____ ruled
Last ____ night
___ we danced on tabletops
And ___ took too many shots
Think we _____ but I forgot
Last Friday _____
Yeah we maxed our ____ cards
And got ___ out of the bars
So we ___ the boulevards
____ ______ night
We went _____ in the park
Skinny ____ in the dark
Then had a _____ a trois
Yeah I ____ we broke the law
_____ say we're gonna stop-op
lyricsmissing word
This _____ night
Do it ___ again
Do it all ______
This Friday ______
___ it all again
Do ___ all again
This Friday _____
T.G ___. F
__. G. I. F
T. G. I. ____
T. ___. I. F
___. G. ___ F
T. ____. I. ____
Last ____ night
Yeah we _____ on tabletops
And we _____ too many shots
Think ___ kissed but I forgot
Last Friday _____
Yeah we maxed our credit ____
And got kicked out of ____ bars
So we hit ____ boulevards
Last ____ _____
We went streaking ___ the park
____ dipping in the dark
Then had _____ menage a trois
____ Friday _____
Yeah I think we broke the ____
Alway's say we're ____ stop
_____ Friday _____
Do ___ all ____

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