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Can you name the secret videogames II?

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Game 1
Sonic Adventure 2 ______ 
A View __ _ Kill 
Advance Wars __ 
TMNT IV: Turtles __ Time 
Ogre ______ 
Motocross _______ Advance 
Game's full name: 
Game 2
Contra: Shattered _______ 
Battle __ Olympus 
Uncharted: Drake's _______ 
Mario Kart W__ 
Street Fighter III: ______ Impact 
Fear Effect Retro _____ 
Game's full name: 
Game 3
Mickey Mouse: ______ of Illusion 
___dal Hearts II 
U-four-__: The Saga 
Kingdom Under Fire: ______ __ Doom 
Sonic: ___ Fighters 
Pretty Soldier Sailor ____ 
Game's full name: 
Game 4
Dino ______ 3 
Armored ____: Master of Arena 
Gauntlet III: The _____ Quest 
Popful Mail: Magical _______ Adventure 
Space Quest _: The Next Mutation 
Pitfall __: Lost Caverns 
Game's full name: 
Game 5
Asheron's ____ 
Medal __ Honor 
Heavy ____ 
Danger Mouse in the _____ Forest Chateau 
Tactical ___: Assault on Terror 
Game's full name: 
Game 6
Merchant ______ II 
Cradle __ ______ 
Werewolf: The Last _______ 
Clock Tower II: The Struggle ______ 
Game's full name: 

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